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The fundamental way towards modern aquaculture is by means of implementing high technology and innovative aquaculture system.


Aquapure shall implement the use of High Energy Water System invented by Professor Sun Qiao Wen as one of the most important component of the system. Implementing this system will signicantly utilize a smaller foot print in terms of land used and environment factors. High Energy Water System is a modern innovation that will shorten the harvest time of the aquatic products; it is more economical, more eciency and producers consistently higher yields.


This system shall change the entire way the aquaculture industry will run and operate in the future. It will make current methods obsolete and economically nonviable when one begins to compare the yield from our system to those of more traditional types.

Providing and simulating the best environment for livestock growth on land aquaculture farms – greatly reducing risk and mortality rates from environmental hazards and existing diseases.

System is designed to be modular and scalable – providing bespoke technology solutions to our partners and clients. Our system empowers operators with more control over the environment of the habitat; tailored to the specific species’ needs and ensuring high yield, low mortality rate.

· Simple, effective Scalable Farm Design.

· Optimal Filtering.

· Proprietary Oxygen Dissolving System.

· Energy Saving Solution.

· Minimal Labor Requirements.

· Monitoring & Full Bio-Security Control.

Professor Sun Qiao Liang | Aquaculture, Waste Water Treatment Expert


Invention Patents


Grand Tech


China Creative & Invention Patent

Grand  Winner


Gold Award


Aquapure’s modern aquaculture system invented by the founder of High

Energy Water - Professor Sun Qiao Liang can be tailor made in according

to the sizes of land, ponds, and take advanage of the species that is being

cultivated and to be setting up in accordance to the investment capability

need and to improve the annual harvesting production rate from 5 kg,

10kg or 50kg to 100kg per square meter (M²) of water or even higher.

Aquapure’s High Energy Water and Intensive Aquaculture System have increased the production rate to at least 50 times in existing systems currently in operation.


The cost per acre will be reduced as the production on an acre of land using Aquapure’s system produces as much as the total production of 50 acres of traditionally operate farm. The future development of aquaculture production shall depend on 3 Highs with the basic of Safe, Green & Organic :

High Production

High Quality

High Efficiency

Aquapure Intensive Aquaculture with High Energy Water System has overcome many persistent problems normally encountered in the aquaculture industry. The breeding of aquatic stocks normally suer from hypoxia due to lack of oxygen at night and this causes aquatic animals to stop growing.


When this problem is constant throughout the night, aquatic animals start dying and the survivals are stunted. The system provides and controls the level of water soluble oxygen for the aquatic animals and they can be feed at night as usual and increase the growing rate and shorten the breeding cycle time.

Organic All The Way” – Our Motto


Most traditional aquaculture farms use fermented animal waste to

cultivate Micro Planktons such like rotifers and copepods as the basic feed

for their new hatchlings. This is a very unhealthy method as the micro

plankton may introduce pathogens into the animal that feeds on it

causing health and environmental problems as they are introduced into

the food chain.


The use of fermented animal waste to cultivate micro planktons will

transfer toxic residues such like synthetic hormones, antibiotics and esh

agents to the micro planktons and when the micro plankton is fed to the

new hatchlings, the toxic soup is introduced into the hatchling’s food

chain causing high mortality and subsequent transfer of the corrupt

genetic traits to others down the food chain.

Farmers will have to continually using stronger antibiotics and medicines to treat these new hatchlings in order to reduce the mortality and this will result n a vicious cycle where when the waste water is discharged into the drainage, river or sea, the entire environment and ecosystem will be polluted.


The surviving hatchlings will carry with them all the residues until they eventually end up being consumed by people which may result in a host of health related problems. Researchers have linked various types of cancer, to consuming such tainted products.


Release Stress, Natural Feed Attractant for Aquatic Animal




Research had documented that aquatic animal are not only relying on sight visuals to search for food but connected to the sense of smell and taste as well. Although aquaculture feed are manufactured with well balance of nutrients but it is not enough to increase the appetite of aquatic animal. Betaine has a unique sweetness & flavor which is an ideal feed attractant that lures all kinds of fishes and crustaceans with a strong stimulating  effect to feed.


Betaine is a potent feed that improves feed palatability shorten the feeding time, and improve digestion & absorption, accelerating the growth of the aquatic animal and to avoid feed wastage which may cause  water pollution and other side effect.

Various reason that cause stress may seriously affected the feeding and growth of aquatic animals and lower the survival rate leading to high mortality.


Feed added with  Betaine helps to improve aquatic animals to recover from stress & diseases and maintaining the nutritional intakes. Betaine helps aquatic animal withstand againts cold temperature as low as 10'Celsius.


It is an ideal additive to be added to the feed during the regardless which season especially winter season.



Betaine is a good substance and balancer to upheaval buffering of osmolality and stress . It can be acted as a protective agent for the cell against osmolality, improve ability against drought high humidity high salt, and critical environment changes. Protect the cell from being dehydrate and penetration of salt substances and to improve the pump function of the cell membrane NA 1-K.


Enhance the tolerance of the aquatic animal against cataclysmic osmolality and improve survival rate. Seawater contain high inorganic  salts which is not conductive to the growth of aquatic animals. Add 1.5% of Betaine will reduce the moisture content in the muscle of fresh water fish and act as anti aging agent.

When the concentration of inorganic salt increases in the water, Betaine helps maintain good balance of osmolality and electrolyte in the cells of aquatic animals, reduce the salt content level & rehydrate the water level of cells.

Choline is  important nutrient for aquatic animal. It helps to provide methyl to the aquatic animal 's body in order to participate metabolic reaction. In recent research documented that methyl are found in Betaine which provide higher efficiency rate It 2.3 times more efficient than Choline, a high efficiency methyl provider.


In the liver,  Betaine methyl helps to convert homocysteine into methionine. Most scholars believe that adding a suitable amount of Betaine to aquatic feed to replace Choline is a better & smarter choice. Betaine as a feed attractant also promote aquatic animal growth , enhance antibodies and decrease disease resistance, improve immunity, survival rate and feed  conversion ratio.




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