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Based on our experience and utilizing the equipment, technology and components available from Aquapure and its associates, Aquapure is able to offer complete, modular, prefabricated fish farms that are manufactured in the Malaysia and can be economically shipped to any location in the world to be assembled by local labor under the supervision of Aquapure construction specialists.


These farms are adaptable to a wide range of sites, species and water resources and enable the client to install a cost-competitive fish farm that is profitable, functional, reliable, and environmentally sustainable. The entire design, assembly, shipment and installation and start-up can be managed under the quality control of Aquapure.


Aquapure associates are available to provide professional consulting services for a wide range of species and sites. Services range from preliminary site assessment, through system design, delivery, installation supervision start-up and long term technical support.


Other services include feasibility studies, complete commercial and technical analysis and business planning of prospective aquaculture enterprises, and evaluation of existing facilities.


Our specialization is in controlled environment aquaculture, and with this focus we can help existing farms improve their environmental control and quality, both to improve health, productivity and profitability and to mitigate any negative impacts on the surrounding environment. Services are available world-wide.


Aquapure offers complete construction management solutions for aquaculture projects designed to meet the customer’s needs. Aquapure can deliver complete project management and supervision or limited help with management and coordination of the building operations. Our associates will ensure a high quality, expeditious and cost effective project.


The schematics for the design of these systems are shown in the diagrams below. The technology for these systems is proprietary and has worldwide registered patent rights. The owners of the technology and the patents have granted authorization to AQUAPURE to use all the systems. These systems are not limited to the marine environment but can be easily configured for other environment ie: fresh water, brackish & etc.

• Technical Design

• Build Management

• Supply Chain Management

• Operational Implementation


• Training and Development

• Marketing and Sales

• Site Assessment

• Preliminary Design

• Final Design

• Construction Drawings

• Bill of Materials

• Shipment of Materials

• Commissioning Assistance

• Long Term Technological & Biological Support

Aquapure’s High Energy Water and Intensive Aquaculture System have increased the production rate to at least 50 times in existing systems currently in operation.


The cost per acre will be reduced as the production on an acre of land using Aquapure’s system produces as much as the total production of 50 acres of traditionally operate farm. The future development of aquaculture production shall depend on 3 Highs with the basic of Safe, Green & Organic :

Fish & Aquatic animal will maintained in tanks connected to a recirculation system comprising of drum filter , ozone, ultra violet , biological filter, protein skimmers, oxygen addition and CO2 stripping.




Aquapure Head Office:

Lot 32497  Jalan Juara 1/5

Taman Juara Jaya Off

Jalan Bukit Belimbing

43200 Belakong, Selangor,


Phone: +60(3) 9108 0222

Email:   [email protected]

Licensed Biosecurity Site:

Lot 32497  Jalan Juara 1/5

Taman Juara Jaya Off

Jalan Bukit Belimbing

43200 Belakong, Selangor,


Emergency Hotline:

+6011 2288 3232

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